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Whether I'm dancing with the critters on the beach, birds in the meadows or dogs in the woods, nature has always provided me with a peaceful energy and insight. The butterscotch scent of the ponderosa pine, the crisp breeze rearranging my hair, both still my soul and fill my spirit with awe. I believe nature weaves a subtle message of connection with a common unity that binds us all. It is through engaging in life, and for me, in art, that a deeper meaning unfolds and brings the magic of everyday events to the forefront. Influenced by my love of travel and fascination with sacred geometric, near science and the quantum physics, my designs reflect the nectar of living and learning.​

My artwork is a reflection of my passion for: color, design, love of travel and cultural expression. At age four, a train ride to grandma's changed my life. There were people on the train that didn't look or talk like me. The dining car served GREEN soup. As I stared out the window I saw big open spaces with no houses. A zest for travel and exploration was born. Studying ceramics and fiber arts at Western Michigan University whet my appetite for creative expression and working with my hands. Returning to study photography widened my eyes to details, composition, and observation.​

Years later, a Masters in Community Education from Alaska Pacific University brightened my awareness of cultural differences and similiarities. ​

Most of my adult years have been spent living between Colorado, Alaska, and Arizona which is reflected in my artwork by color and design.​

Throughout the years, my artwork has taken on a variety of formats including: Fine Art Photography, Raku water fountains and pottery, Stoneware pottery, Hand painted Jean Jackets and Petroglyph designed T-Shirts, to Gemstone Jewelry.

​My current focus is on creating gemstone jewlery that highlights the individual beauty of the designs and color within each stone. 

​The placement and color of the stones reflect the surrounding landscapes and culture. Each necklace is one of a kind since all stones have unique markings. Some of the beads were gathered during my travels, others purchased at Gem shows or Trading Posts.

​Gemstones reflect the beauty of Earth and carry a vibration from Mother Nature.

​This is my way of sharing that beauty with you and those around you. You are a special person and I believe the gemstones bring that into focus for all to see.

​The GYMAI is taken from a story I wrote. It is a aware that Claire, the main character, made up to help her dog Pack understand the concept of change on a deeper level/ To bring his scattered energy together and relax his mind and focus; "Get Your Mind Around It." GYMAI is pronounced Guy-May.

​I hope you enjoy and have as much fun with my artwork as I do.

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