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Whether I'm dancing with the critters on the beach, birds in the meadows or dogs in the woods, nature has always provided me with a peaceful energy and insight. The butterscotch scent of the ponderosa pine, the crisp breeze rearranging my hair, both still my soul and fill my spirit with awe. I believe nature weaves a subtle message of connection with a common unity that binds us all. It is through engaging in life, and for me, in art, that a deeper meaning unfolds and brings magic of everyday events to the forefront. Influenced by my love for travel and fascination with scared geometric, neuro science and quantum physics, my designs reflect the nectar of living and learning.


My joy comes from awakening your inner muse and perhaps sharing an insight using the expression of photography, fabric art, and playful jargon to lighten your journey. While I explore a variety of art forms, several of my current creations reflect the teachings from, "Cosmic Spitballs" a story that takes the reader on a humorous journey of inner wisdom experienced by a dog named Paco. The story is written as teaching tales and will soon be available as digital downloads.


Several of my designs are inspired by photographs I've taken in everyday settings that bring common elements into focus. Currently I am using paint on fabric as my form of expression paired with words of insight from Paco's stories. I find inspiration all around me. The design called "ONE" came to me one afternoon after years of nurturing the concept in my head. I sketched out the idea in pencil and later rendered it in ink. "Be Yourself," is taken from a photograph of Paco, being himself.  The idea for "Choose your Day," developed from the idea, life is built on the choices we make. The colorful "Paint Life in Your Own Colors" is an embellished photograph of my dog's electric hair flowing in all directions after a roll on the floor. I love color so the designs are created to intertwine and play off the color of the shirt it is printed on. Each color offers its own mood and look. The same design can create an individual look as the color of the ink or shirt color are changed. All designs are available as wearable art. I call the shirts my "Hummer T-shirts." They are full of love, energy and insights that make you feel so good you'll want to wear them every day. Additional designs and notecards will be available soon.


The name GYMAI is taken from "Cosmic Spitballs." It is a word that Claire, the main character from the story, made up to help her dog Paco understand the concept of change on a deeper level. To bring his scattered energy together and relax his mind and focus; "Get Your Mind Around It." GYMAI is pronounced Guy-May.


I hope you enjoy and have as much fun with my artwork as I did.


Pamela Torbico

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